Why participation of youths?


Youth has great importance for developing democratic societies. Youth means a new idea, different vision and innovation! For this reason, each new generation exists in a society as more qualified, more innovative and with higher capacity than the previous one. This provides a big advantage for creation of new opinions and comments in the current system of a country. Thus, youth participation in decision-making process in a state is must.

Participation Tools:


Political participation

• Selection and Election rights

• internship opportunities at Ministries and Municipalities

• Take part in the youth unit of municipalities

• Be involved in youth branches of political parties

• Ability to share ideas using Social Media


Participation of Civil Society

• Take an active role in non-profit organizations

• Take an active role in the youth unit of the Universities

• Take part in social responsibility projects

• Create artistic and cultural communities

• Social media opportunities to share their ideas



E-parliament is an online system which is based on internet. This system facili¬tates sharing of experiences and best practices of parliamentary methods, and fosters research and study of these practices for participants. This system is used by legislators in Europe.


Our aim is to introduce this system to Turkish Youngsters and spread it between them. By this way developing relationship via social networks between Turkey and Europe will be easier. Also, we will create a common platform where the Youth Projects will be share bythe Youth CSOs and Youngsters.

Project Beneficiary




Keeping in mind that local governments are the basic institutions to promote democracy and human rights, World Academy for Local Government and Democracy (WALD) is a non-governmental organization which was founded for the need to re-approach, discuss and develop the basic principles of local governments.


WALD offers a forum where theory and practice meet under the same umbrella and enable information exchange in order to share democracy and human rights ideals, create an effective local government and inform the society. In accordance with this purpose; in order to develop social potential and transmit consciousness of social sensitivity to the next generations, WALD has been involved in activities that make differences in society creating unique, innovative and lasting values.


Bringing together the concepts of local democracy and local government, WALD has been supporting initiatives that strengthen democracy in local governments, institutionalizing democratic participatory methods and process and participating activities on protecting human rights since its foundation on 8th of July 1992. WALD has been playing an effective role in national and international protects that enables equal opportunity and active participation especially for women, children, youth and disabled.


World Academy for Local Government and Democracy (WALD); has been supporting to the development of the society and contributing to the democratization process offering solutions to the problems faced by the society through projects on human rights, democracy, education, health and culture.


Project Partners


• Zeytinburnu Municipality

Zeytinburnu became the 14th county of Istanbul in the year 1957.The territory of the county of Zeytinburnu was governed as a neighborhood the ast of which was within the county of Fatih and the west of which was within the county of Bakirkoy. In 1950s, it was started to be thought that an administrative organization should be established in this neighborhood. On the date 30.07.195 the "Township of Zeytinburnu" was organized to be dependent to the county of Fatih. The western side remained as dependent to the county of Bakirkoy.

• Bağcılar Municipality

It is established since Nov. 2 1992.Bağcılar Municipality keeps on serving thanks to society’s supports. Bağcılar Municipality directed its municipalism adventure with principals; and hit the road with the motto “First of all Human”. Then “Municipalism for next generations, not for next elections”, and created “Unique Projects, Long Lasting Monuments” together. It is given rewards for its services. It has been “From Dream to Modal”, “The Municipality of First-evers”. With all services saying “All is worth to Bağcılar”.

• Intercultural Communication and Leadership School (ICLS)

Life is intercultural when people of different cultures, religions or ethnicity are living side by side. Communication and leadership in intercultural life are to ensure that such different people can live together, interact and function as a community or a society in a peaceful and mutually prosperous way. Intercultural communication and leadership are the joint initiative and leading partnerships of people from different cultures, religions or ethnicity, to serve people living side by side to be able to live together, interact and function as a peaceful and prosperous community or society. This is the understanding upon which the Intercultural Communication and Leadership School (ICLS) works in various parts of the world.




• Improving dialogue between Turkey and Europe

• Increasing the participation of Youth in decision making process

• Providing whole participants of Turkish CSO, governors, and other youngsters a chance to gain experience and knowledge on the EU policy and implementation types of Youth Participation in decision making process

• Improving the capacity of whole participants and stakeholders about Youth Participation with practical activities onsite

• Enabling politicians and governors to have a wider vision about youth participation via the experiences they gain during the project activities in Turkey and Europe

• Providing a recovery and development of social relations between Turkey and EU.